Environmentally Friendly

LEED Certification Aluminum

With the “going green” movement influencing many industries, Elite Fence Products remains a consistent participant as a domestic fence manufacturer.

Through each stage of production we consistently maintain a high percentage of recycled materials in an effort to reduce Elite Fences carbon footprint and continue to be a large influence in our industry for the use of recycled material.Image result for environmentally friendly

One of the most important reasons for installing a fence is for security. Fences are also particularly useful if you have animals or want animals to stay away your property area. Fences can prevent any damage and mayhem caused by the animals and keep strangers away. There are various type in the market including wood, vinyl, chain link, farm,and aluminum ones. With Land Clearing Companies in Va you can have a great quality fence around your property. Land is a scarce resource, if you have a large farm or property, and marking your property is imperative as it will prevent people from encroaching it. This will also help avoid disputes with your neighbors and it will help you know the size of your land  and how much space is remaining on your property.

Elite Fence Product’s customers will also contribute to the “going green” movement by purchasing green material and contribute to the conservation of Earths diminishing non-renewable resources.

Elite Fence Products will provide the correct LEED certification for customers which will comply with all regulations.