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Hey Sales Rep, I can never express to you how much it means to me to have someone like you on my side. You are awesome and thank you so much for helping me, Its  not too often someone waits on you hand and foot, it is  hard in this world too  find people that do what they say their gonna do in a timely fashison,You are one of these and  have over excelled!!!, You have  given me a great sense of comfort, I hope to be doing alot of business with you in the future, .Wrap your arms around yourself and give you a big hug from me, maybe perhaps one day  I can do it !!Thank you again, Stay Warm!! P.S., If you ever make it to the eastern side of the U.S., call me, Dinner's on me.   Pleased Customer!!!!  

Great Service

"I cant tell you how delighted we are to have our gate back. I know this job wasn't part of your portfolio, so I’m especially appreciative of you taking on this project"

Excellent Lead Times

"I wanted to thank you all for getting the fence material delivered to our yard on-time last Friday. We received your product on-time and the job went very well for us. It seems like the University, including EMU's president is very happy with the project. Hopefully this project will put Elite and Industrial Fence at the top of their preferred contractor list for the future" - Rick
- Fence Customer

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