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ZipTrack Components & Hardware

All ZipTrack™ Aluminum Cantilever Gates include all the necessary hardware for a complete and professional installation. Hardware is available for 3", 4" and 6" round or square post and comes painted to match the color of the gate.

ZipTrack™ Aluminum Cantilever Gates feature our own special truck assemblies. These assemblies are made from galvanized steel and have many unique features. Each assembly features a ¾” stud which is above industry standards. Each of the assemblies has two (2) axels press fitted to the main body. The axels are furnished with four (4) permanently lubricated sealed ball bearing wheels, which are mounted vertically for the gate to roll on. The end of each assembly has one (1) horizontally mounted permanently lubricated sealed ball bearing wheel used for alignment. Our assemblies also use a pivotal center point to help easy with installation and improve the movement of the gate.

Each gate utilizes two (2) swivel type truck assemblies as upper guides. Each truck assembly is mounted to a post with the supplied bracket, and each bracket for an upper guide uses two (2) 5/8” U-bolts. Each gate also utilizes two (2) lower guides which are permanently mounted to the bracket which attaches to the post with one (1) 5/8" U-bolt. Each lower guide uses a ZipTrack™ Aluminum Cantilever Gates are, which should be centered vertically in the lower track to limit lateral movement. This enclosed lower guide assembly offers greater safety utilizing guarded pinch points. All brackets and gate latches shall be galvanized after fabrication.

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